Sunan Kalijaga History

7 01 2010

Sunan Kalijaga was estimatedly born on 1450 with the name Raden Said . He Was a son of a region leader of tuban which named Tumenggung Wilatika or Raden Saur . the other name of Sunan Kalijaga such as Lokajaya,Pangeran Tuban, etc .
based on a version of local people of Cirebon,the name of kalijaga was come from the village of kalijaga in Cirebon, when Sunan Kalijaga stayed there , he bathed oftenly in a river(jaga kali).
in a chronicle, he was mentioned marrying Dewi Saroh Binti Maulana Ishak, and had 3 sons R. Umar Said (Sunan Muria), Dewi Rakayuh dan Dewi Sofiah.
when he died , he was buried in Kadilangu Village, near Demak city (Bintara), this grave is until this day visited oftenly by people .

Sunan Kalijaga’s lifetime was estimated over 100 years, therefore he passed the ending time of the authority of Majapahit(ended on 1478) Kesultanan Demak, Kesultanan Cirebon and Banten, even Kerajaan Pajang which was born on 1546 and also it was the beginning of the existence of mataram kingdom under the lead of panembahan senopati, he also designed the build of the mosque of cirebon and mosque of Demak.
He so tolerated to the local culture , he opinioned that people will get away when they get pressed on their they have to be approached in steps. following while influencing. he believed if islam has been understood so the old habits die easily. he used the art methode to spread islam .




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